1. Start by applying RevlonissimoTM Barrier Cream to the hairline to protect the skin, then apply Revlonissimo
    ColorsmetiqueTM 77.40 + 10 Vol. (3%) to the roots. Create a radial section, isolate the front areas and apply
    the color to mid-lengths and ends in the entire back area.
  2. Create the Red Colorstroke effect in the front using the Flashlight technique in 4 steps:1. Extend the root color to the eyebrows.

    2. Continue with the red C60 + 30 Vol. (9%).

    3. Next, apply the copper 77.40 + C46 + 30 Vol. (9%).

    4. Finish with red in the ends.

    Leave to process for 40 minutes.

  3. After the processing time, rinse thoroughly and wash hair with Magn±t™ Color Lock Repairing Shampoo.
  4. Treat hair with Magn±tTM Anti Pollution Restoring Mask and finalize the service by applying Magn±t™ Daily
    Shield Spray.
  5. Use Style Masters Modular Mousse™ to blow dry hair and volumize hair, then create soft waves using a large
    curling iron. Finish with Style Masters Modular Hairspray™.